SWALEDEK Fall Prevention System – Assembly

Assembly on Site

SWALEDEK is assembled using two operatives, starting in one corner and working away in both directions until the area is filled. Both people work at ground level and there is no need for access onto the deck itself apart for inspection purposes, therefore fall risk is eliminated.

SWALEDEK can be erected on any floor with a flat surface, if used on upper floor joists, either the final floor covering should be laid, or a covering of suitable temporary boarding. Stairwells should be covered in all cases.

SWALEDEK decks weigh 10.5kg each and can be individually lifted safely by one person.

Erection of SWALEDEK is accessed from underneath and normal daily inspection is made easy with all components visual and accessible.

SWALEDEK can be hired from local scaffolding and plant hire companies for self erection on site.

SWALEDEK can be offered as an add-on service for scaffolding packages on a hire and erect basis.

SWALEDEK can be purchased outright, offering savings on larger, long term projects where overall hire costs may outweigh initial purchase costs, with some residual value remaining at the end of the project.

For more information and costs contact:

Teeside office:

Tel: 0044 1642 241333

Fax: 0044 1642 241233

Richmond office

Tel: 0044 17488 12777

Fax: 0044 1748 812234

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Important Notice

  • Swaledek is erected for the purpose of fall prevention and light access only.
  • It’s main purpose is to prevent a person slipping off floor joists or roof trusses where injury can occur by giving support directly below the working area.
  • Swaledek must be erected as per manufacturers instructions and operating manual and a day training course is available from various accredited instructors.
  • A loading of 150kg /m2 must not be exceeded.
  • Inspection of the completed structure should be carried out daily before usage by a competent person, and in the event of a fall, or any other disturbance, a safety check must be carried out before further use.